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Pet Damaged Carpet Repair

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Pet Damaged Carpet Repair

We Help Renters Get Their Deposit Back

Getting help form a friendly cat to help perform a carpet repair in Raleigh NC

We understand when renters call about carpet damaged by a pet and are in need of a carpet repair service. We understand that you are extremely concerned about not getting your deposit back.

If your furry animal has dug a hole in the carpet or peed on the carpet. Don’t worry! We understand your concern and will use all available resources to help restore your carpet.


Pet Damaged Carpet Repair In Raleigh Durham NC And Surrounding Areas

In few cases the landlord may have left an extra carpet remnant in the attic, crawl space or similar area. If you have extra carpet left over from the original carpet installation that would be great.

But in most cases you may not have a matching carpet remnant to donate for the repair. Since carpet rolls are made in dye lots, no two rolls of carpet will ever be the same exact color.

They might be close, but never the same.  In this case we can choose a closet, since a closet will be from the exact same roll of carpet as the rest of the dwelling. It will also be the closest match possible to do a carpet repair.

We will also find the most inconspicuous place, such as a corner, back side of a closet, and cut out a section large enough to do the repair. Once the carpet repair is complete, we will use a no matching but similar pieces to fill in the corner of the closet.

Get carpet repair or stretching – Call 919.601.8828 or send a message via our secure contact form below. You can also send pictures of your damaged carpet to for a quick reply.

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