Why Vinyl/Resilent Floors?

Resilient is the name given to products like linoleum, vinyl, rubber and similar products. This type of flooring is able to flex and give underfoot. What we previously called sheet vinyl, now comes in an array of beautiful designs.

Benefits of Vinyl / Resilient:

  • Resilient floors are easy to maintain and keep clean
  • Resilient flooring never needs to be refinished.
  • Resilient flooring is less expensive than many other flooring options.
  • Resilient flooring is very durable and stands up well to heavy foot traffic.
  • Resilient can imitate ceramic, wood, stone and marble designs.

Luxury tile is at the high end of resilient flooring. It is high in fashion and performance. New designs in luxury tile include everything from contemporary, soft patterns, and various colors. Other looks are exotic and distressed woods, colored concretes and fossilized stone plus metallic, rich colors and wide planks!

Resilient flooring can be installed just about anywhere, but especially in areas that can get wet. It is a great choice when an easy-to-walk on surface is needed. It is a great option for entryways and areas where you do not want seams, but a low-maintenance floor.

Let us help you choose the right Flooring for your home or place of business. If you already have the material and just need it installed, No worries we can help you with that also.

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